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The Bath House guide to Digital Showers

Friday, 6 Jun 2014 - Carly Seddon+
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Why choose a Digital Shower?

Digital showers have all the benefits of a conventional thermostatic mixer shower and a whole lot more. The main advantage of a digital shower is the temperature remains consistent whatever the flow, there is the reassurance of a pre-selected maximum temperature and should your hot or cold water supply fail unexpectedly an automatic shut-off function is activated to keep you and your family safe.

Digital showers are operated by a simple push button control to stop and start your shower; they also feature illuminated displays that indicate when the water has reached the required temperature. Optional remote controls provide the luxury of switching on from outside your shower enclosure, or from almost anywhere in the home.

Is a digital shower suitable for my bathroom?

Digital showers work in all bathrooms with any hot water system. You can choose from an adjustable head with multiple spray patterns or drencher heads, digital divert showers are also available so why not have the luxury of both? Or combine you shower head with a bath filler.

Are digital showers difficult to install?

Digital showers can be installed quickly and easily with minimum disruption to your home. The processor box (or digital valve) is approximately the size of a shoe box and can be installed in the loft, airing cupboard or even under your bath, making it easily accessible. Overall there is less pipework involved when installing a digital shower.

Can I still have a concealed digital shower?

Yes, you can choose between exposed and concealed digital showers. Exposed systems combine cold and hot water in a pipe that is located inside the sliding rail of your shower. Although installation of an exposed digital shower is relatively easy, quick and won’t cause any damage to your existing tiling, you will need to get a plumber to fit your new appliance. Concealed digital showers blend water in a pipe behind the bathroom wall, reducing visible fixings to the control valve and showerhead and making them the perfect match for a small ensuite bathroom, or for a more minimal look overall.

The Bath House are pleased to offer a range of digital showers by Aqualisa. The Visage Digital Shower is able to divert between an adjustable or drencher head or bath filler, operated by simple one touch control. The Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower is easy to use, with one touch control, illuminated LED lights to indicate when your showers ready, diverts between shower fixed head, slide rail kit and bath filler, can be installed solely as a bath filler and has the added option of a remote control is also available.

By Carly Seddon

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