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Cersanit toilets: Pure & Nano

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 -

The brand that understands small bathrooms, Cersanit have made their name combining functionality and style with the highest quality. They are also the only Polish bathroom brand on the market and therefore compete on an international stage with awards as evidence for success.

Cersanit products are geared towards overcoming the difficulties faced by compact bathrooms and this translates through to their toilet designs. The concept series of Pure and Nano have been specifically developed with small bathrooms in mind, so just what do they offer exactly?

Pure range from Cersanit


Pure has been specially designed to counteract the harmful bacteria that thrives on toilet bowls, seats and cisterns by using the modern one-unit design. All toilets are of course one unit connected by many parts, but the one-unit design exemplified by the Pure toilet range is much more free flowing without the illusion of a toilet being made up of all the individual sections.

Cersanit close coupled toilets with bowls either in a square or oval design involve the cistern mounted directed on top of the pan to hide all pipes connecting the two parts. This is what gives the illusion of a single complete unit that’s easy to clean and even easier to have replace any existing toilet due to its compact design.

The ultimate space-saving toilet, however, is also available from the Pure range. Wall hung toilets from Cersanit again come in either a square or oval bowl design to match the décor of your bathroom and slot perfectly into compact bathroom suites where other toilets cannot. The cistern is cleverly hidden behind the wall and Cersanit models are glossed and streamlined to complement similarly designed pedestal and semi-pedestal wash basins.

Nano range from Cersanit


Nano toilets are an innovation in saving space in the bathroom, but not because of their height or width – it’s the distance the pan projects. Short projection toilets are similar to many other toilet designs, particularly the close coupled style of cistern sitting on top of the pan, but they do not project out as far as other models, as the name suggests.

In fact, the pan of short projection toilets projects no more than a maximum of 62cm and the Nano range from Cersanit is actually the shortest projection toilet available at just 57cm. It may not sound like a huge difference from the maximum to the Nano’s minimum, but in small bathrooms it could well prove crucial in saving floor space.

Nano toilets also have a dual flush of either two or four litres; a whole litre less respectively than many other modern toilets and all Cersanit toilets come with a dual flush option to help with water management.

We are proud to host a huge collection of products from a brand like Cersanit that has clearly found its market in small bathrooms. All Cersanit toilet designs including the Pure and Nano ranges can be found in our store at affordable prices and available for next day delivery.

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